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A delicate balance is achieved between dedicated R&D, professional production, and price sensibility for the food service industry.

Authentic Chinese Sauces And Soy Sauce Enhancing Food Flavor

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Premium Chinese Sauces Company: 75 Years Expreience In Sauce Making

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Seize Customer's Taste Buds
With PRB's Unique Restaurant Seasoning

Quality & Consistency

PRB’s seasoning is consistent in taste, texture, and quality to ensure the taste uniformity of your final products.

Regulatory Compliance

We ensure every seasoning product from PRB meets the food safety and quality standards of  manufacturing.

Capabilty & Scalability

Can this manufacturer handle large orders and scale up as demand increases? Yes, we cover your amount with our mature production line.

Customization Ability

Our strong R&D team can tailor the seasoning mix to specific product requirements, cutsom your unique flavor with PRB.


Competitive pricing for bulk orders, we budget from every detail. Packaging, shipping, we are concerned what you’re concerned about.

Supply Chain Reliability

 Worry about production halt, delivery delay and customs clearance issue? PRB is also an export expert you can rely on.

How To Choose The Right Capacity Based On
The Consumed Speed In The Restaurant Kitchen?

Choosing the right sauce bottle can ensure the freshness of the sauce flavor, use it during the shelf life, and improve the cost and efficiency of raw materials.

hot pot

Type of Cuisine

  • Asian Restaurants:
  • Likely to consume more soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, etc.
  • Fast Food:
  • Ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise might be consumed quickly.
food service

Size of the Restaurant

  • Small Restaurants:
  • May only need smaller quantities, perhaps in the range of a few liters per week.
  • Large Restaurants or Chains:
  • Could require bulk sizes, possibly hundreds of liters per week or more.
resturant kitchen

Volume of Customers

  • High Volume:
  • More sauce will be consumed, requiring larger or more frequent orders.
  • Low Volume:
  • Less sauce will be consumed, so smaller orders may suffice.
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Other Factors

  • Seasonality:
  • Some sauces may be used more during certain seasons.
  • Special Events:
  • Large parties or events may require more sauce than usual.

Various Packaging Options For OEM Sauce Solutions

Benefits If Partnering With PRB

  • ► 1. We offer packaging sizes that are just right, ensuring optimal usage without excess waste. Each bottle boasts a generous shelf life, guaranteeing that the seasoning remains fresh and doesn’t go to waste.
  • ► 2. Our ready-to-use formulations eliminate the need for extensive preparation, allowing chefs to focus on crafting delicious dishes.
  • ► 3. PRB offers these premium sauces at an affordable price point, ensuring quality doesn’t come at an exorbitant cost.
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