Corporate Profile

As a global manufacturer, Pearl River Bridge commits to the highest standards in delivering world-class soy sauces and seasonings.

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Setting the Standard for Chinese Seasoning

Honed Expertise through Years of Experience

With over six decades of production expertise, Pearl River Bridge leads the market in offering high-quality Chinese seasoning and food products to the global market.


One-Stop Services

As a recognized supplier in more than 100 countries, we’ve established a reliable production and marketing process that ensures fast and cost-effective wholesale manufacturing under one roof. We also cater to full-scale OEM services for brands wanting to offer custom-branded products.

“Where there are cooking arts, there are Chinese;
Where there are Chinese, there is Pearl River Bridge Soy Sauce”

World-Wide Export Service

Continuous global expansion has allowed PRB to see a strong following worldwide. Major markets for our Chinese seasoning and condiments include the US, Europe, and Asia.

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OEM Service

OEM Service

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