Quality & Safety

Behind the success of our Chinese seasonings and condiments is our commitment to high-quality and safe production.

Safe Ingredients

From Bean to Bottle

Quality Management

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Safe Ingredients

Safe Ingredients

Safe Ingredients

Safe Ingredients

Our Quality Guarantee

Pearl River Bridge adheres to strict quality guidelines applies a management system to ensure consistency in quality and flavors. Our production process makes sure we comply with our internal standards and all laws and regulations for export trade. Each step of production, from material selection to packaging and logistics, is well-monitored for optimized manufacturing.

Enjoying the Best Flavors of Chinese Cooking

Ensuring Authenticity and Consistency

Each bottle of PRB’s sauces and condiments is made to uphold our commitment to natural, healthy, delicious, and safe products.

PRB Soy sauce

We use non-GMO soybeans and high-quality wheat flour, along with traditional brewing and fermentation processes, to bring out the natural flavors of our sauces.

PRB Soy sauce

Whether for cooking or dipping, the soy sauce’s mellow and natural taste enhances the dishes without overpowering or covering other flavors.


The natural fermentation process gives the soy sauce abundant levels of amino acids, peptides, and other nutrients that are good for digestion.


As our products are marketed to more than 120 countries, we ensure each one is made to pass global safety and nutritional standards.

Good for the Body, Good for the Tummy

Flavor and Nutrition Packed in Every Bottle

PRB’s line of soy sauce products is delicious and filled with nutritional elements that keep the body strong and healthy. These include aminophenol, fat, enzyme, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, niacin, sulfate, phosphate, calcium, and phosphorus.

The rich, full colors of our soy sauces, along with their unique aroma and signature taste, adds a layer of flavor to any dish. Each bottle is quality inspected and sealed to maintain its optimal qualities for long periods.

PRB Soy sauce

Fusing the Old with the New

Incorporating Tradition into Innovation

Soy sauce has been traditionally used as medicine in Ancient China, as shown in books like “Qian Jin Fang” (written by Sun Simiao of Tang Dynasty) and “Wai Tai Mi Yao” (written by Wang Tao).

We apply these age-old traditions in fermenting our soy sauces to promote appetite and proper digestion while helping eliminate toxins in the body.