We bring the unique taste of Chinese culinary culture in our sauces, seasonings, and condiments.

Spreading the Taste of Chinese Cooking Since 1958 1958 1958

Check out the wonderful flavors of Chinese cooking culture that Pearl River Bridge has offered for more than 60 years.


100% made from corn, high quality 99% purity MSG crystal in various mesh sizes. Mostly used as a flavoring in catering and food industries.

Chicken Powder

PRB‘s gold-label chicken powder is a magic seasoning powder in cooking, it gives any recipe an elevated flavor.


PRB’s sugar is pure with a sweet taste in an ideal crystal structure that can satisfy various usage.

Sauce & Paste

Our collection of sauces and pastes adds different dimensions of flavor that enhance any dish.


Made with non-GMO glutinous rice, our vinegar has the distinct sourness that customers enjoy.

Cooking Wine

Perfectly fermented rice wine products give dishes an extra layer of flavors and aromas.

Vermicelli & Noodles

Another favorite product from PRB, our oyster sauces are made from fresh oyster meat.

Japanese Seasoning

Mostly used as a flavoring in catering and food industries, our chicken powder gives any recipe an elevated flavor.

Fermented Foods

Fermented Foods can be used directly as appetizers or added to cooking. Its special flavors provide exceptional flavor.

Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is ideal for gazpacho, and its unique flavor will make you eat it once and never forget it!