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We pay close attention to strict quality control in production and packaging and ensure consistent product quality before shipment.

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Who We Serve: Your Industry Our Expertise

The food processing industry has a very large number of branches, and different types of food require different sauces, PRB has served many different types of food processing customers. That’s why we have the most professional experience in how to adjust the flavor of the sauces according to your different products, the way of packaging, and the shelf-life of the food safety issues.

Sauce Factory
  • Certifications from recognized international food safety organizations.
  • Transparent ingredient sourcing and production processes.
  • Positive testimonials and case studies from other international clients.
Meat Processing
  • Compatibility with various cooking methods (e.g., grilling, roasting).
  • Tailored sauce solutions for different meats and preparations.
  • Demonstrated understanding of global meat culinary trends.
Central Kitchens
  • Customization based on specific restaurant needs.
  • Ability to replicate signature flavors consistently.
  • A collaborative approach to recipe development and refinement.
Ready to Eat Food
  • Packaging that ensures freshness and prevents contamination.
  • Taste consistency across batches.
  • Shelf life and stability of sauces.
Canned & Preserved Foods
  • The balance of flavors, ensuring the sauce doesn’t overpower the pickled item.
  • Preservation without compromising taste or texture.
  • Commitment to natural and organic ingredients.
Snack Food
  • Health-conscious options with reduced sodium, sugar, or artificial additives.
  • Innovation in flavor development.
  • Quick turnaround times for product development and sampling.
Seasoning Packets
  • Customization capabilities for different cuisines.
  • Portion sizes that cater to different market needs.
  • Wide variety of seasoning options.
Instant Soup & Instant Noodle
  • Balance of flavors to complement the main product.
  • Quick dissolution and mixing properties.
  • Long shelf life without compromising taste.
Fast Food
  • Cost-effectiveness without compromising quality.
  • Taste consistency across large batches.
  • Efficient supply chain and logistics.
Bakery Factory
  • Compatibility with other ingredients.
  • Clear ingredient list and absence of unwanted additives.
  • Shelf life and stability of the sauce when used in the bakery.

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A Food Seasoning Manufacturer Mastering
Every Concern Of Food Processing

Dedicated to quality and innovation, we customize our seasonings and sauces to meet the standards of the food processing industry and your unique requirements. Choose PRB to start a new experience with customized sauce.

Quality & Consistency

PRB’s seasoning is consistent in taste, texture, and quality to ensure the taste uniformity of your final products.

Regulatory Compliance

We ensure every seasoning product from PRB meets the food safety and quality standards of  manufacturing.

Capabilty & Scalability

Can this manufacturer handle large orders and scale up as demand increases? Yes, we cover your amount with our mature production line.

Customization Ability

Our strong R&D team can tailor the seasoning mix to specific product requirements, cutsom your unique flavor with PRB.


Competitive pricing for bulk orders, we budget from every detail. Packaging, shipping, we are concerned what you’re concerned about.

Supply Chain Reliability

 Worry about production halt, delivery delay and customs clearance issue? PRB is also an export expert you can rely on.

Bulk Packaging Sauce Solutions for Industrial Needs

Maximize Savings with Bulk, Cost-Effective Concentrated Soy Sauce

OEM Sauce Solution& Packaging for Food Industries

PRB offers customizable seasoning products, where we use different ratios of raw materials and adopt various production conditions based on your market’s demand. We also package our soy sauces for easier and optimal usage.

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