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Check out how Pearl River Bridge has stayed on top of the Chinese culinary culture since 1958.


The Formative Years of PRB

Established in 1958, PRB became one of the earliest exporters of Chinese food products after the People’s Republic of China was founded. Our dedication to quality and branding became the model of high-quality oriental food in the international market.


Shifting to the Next Generation

With the changes in global marketing, PRB made historical changes in its marketing strategies and adopted a market economy that influenced the transition of other Chinese businesses. Product packaging and integrating modern industrial processes started during this time.

21st Century


Capturing the West with Fresh Products

Part of our diversification strategy is catering to the western market and expanding our channels to include food processing channels. New compound condiments are added to our lineup of traditional condiments to increase our audience.

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A Time for Innovation and Expansion

Guangdong Zhujiang Bridge Biotechnology Co., Ltd was established during this time under the Zhujiang Bridge brand. This company integrates R&D, production, domestic, and foreign sales facilities all under one roof.

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Introducing New Trademarks

We’ve acquired the Xinghu condiment trademark from Xinghu Technology to inject new high-quality assets into our development process.

soy sauce fermented


Cementing our Presence in Japan

We started the Japanese-style brand YUMMYTO to produce Japanese-style production for the Japanese market.



Moving Forward Through E-commerce

We entered the e-commerce platform to market our products to a broader audience during this time. Our Tmall food stall became our gateway to our global brand marketing strategy.


Commanding Global E-commerce Platforms

To strengthen our presence in the global e-commerce market, we’re starting stores on significant platforms like Alibaba and