Our Commitment

Behind our global presence is our drive to become faithful ambassadors of the Chinese cooking culture in the market.


To promote the Chinese food culture and offer natural, healthy, and delicious seasonings and condiments.


To become a reliable, well-respected, and sustainable world-class food condiment company globally. We also aim to have Pearl River Bridge integrated into everyday cooking.

Core Values


Product and manufacturing safety is integral in what we do. All processes, equipment, and facilities are guaranteed for safe use.


Strict adherence to high quality standards helps maintain our reputation and your satisfaction.


We keep ourselves transparent and accountable for our decisions and the corresponding results.


Honesty in what we do improves client relationships. We encourage fact-checking in everything.

Social Responsibility

We conduct our business responsibly and eco-friendly manner, always considering the environment in our business processes.

Continuous Improvement

Innovation never stops at PRB. Learning from personal and others’ success, we continue to push the bar for quality sauces.


Intensive Land Use

Intensive Land Use

We maximize our land area through the strategic setup of factories that optimizes the production process and increases product output.

Clean Production of Waste

Clean Production of Waste

Our material selection process follows the principle of “feasible process, improved utilization, and reduced toxicity” to reduce material waste during production.

Waste Management & Recycling

Waste Management & Recycling

Improved material utilization, abiding by proper recycling processes, and effective waste management allow us to control unwanted waste.

Low-Carbon Energy

Low-Carbon Energy

Through the use of boilers that use natural gas and clean energy to efficient production techniques, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint.

Worker Safety Program

PRB places great value on our workforce. That is why we take measures to ensure their safety in the workplace.

Safety Program

Safety Production Risk Plan

Fire Drill

Security Awareness Programs