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Pearl River Bridge Concentrated Soy Sauce

Concentrated soy sauce is a reduced and thickened version of regular soy sauce. Through a simmering and reduction process, it develops a dark brown color, a syrup-like consistency, and a more intense flavor. It offers a stronger taste and a richer, more robust flavor profile compared to regular soy sauce.

Save 80% Shipping Cost & Increase 30% Profit Margin

In the realm of food processing business, concentrated soy sauce present a remarkable opportunity to optimize operational efficiency and product yield.


Easy Transpotation

Concentrated soy sauce eliminates the risk associated with leakage during transportation inherent to traditional liquid soy sauce, enhancing the safety and integrity of the delivery process.

Lower Shipping Cost

The evaporative process makes the concentrated soy sauce six times lighter without sacrificing the authentic flavor compared to regular liquid soy sauce.

Wide Application

Concentrated Soy Sauce brings more versatility to the table compared to liquid soy sauce, providing superior adaptability, particularly in the preparation of marinated products and soups.

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Multi Benefits Behind Concentrated Soy Sauce

Adds depth and complexity to dishes like stir-fries, braises, marinades, and dipping sauces.
Delivers bold flavor in smaller quantities, enabling precise flavor control in food processing for consistent taste profiles.
Thick consistency provides a glazing effect and contributes to a glossy appearance.
Reduced volume, lower weight,and reduced risk of spills make concentrated soy sauce easier to transport.
Offer extended shelf life, ensuring better product stability and increased shelf stability in food industrial processing.
Serve as a versatile base ingredient for creating your own unique and flavorful "magic sauce" by combining it with other food ingredients.

PRB: Your Reliable Concentraded Soy Sauce Manufacturer

Concentrated Soy Sauce is an innovative development in the soy sauce category. Pearl River Bridge as a long-established soy sauce manufacturer, is proud to introduce this product to the food industry. Compared to traditional liquid soy sauce, Concentrated Soy Sauce can save you at least 30% in transportation and storage costs without changing the recipe and flavor. 

Our professional team and formulators will provide you with a suitable method of use according to your needs, samples are welcome!

Certified Soy Sauce Manufacturer Meets International Food Safety Standards

We’ve proudly displayed our distinctive Dark Soy Sauce at global food exhibitions. These events show just how much people around the world love our product. From Asian households to Western high-end eateries, and from world-class food festivals to expert kitchens, PRB’s Dark Soy Sauce is renowned and cherished everywhere.

Boosting Product Portfolio Profitability:
Revenue Potential of Soy Sauce


Growing Interest in Asian Cuisine

With the rising interest and appreciation for Asian cuisine in Western countries, stocking soy sauce can meet consumer demands and ensure you’re catering to the latest food trends.

Healthy Alternative

Soy sauce, especially organic soy sauce or gluten-free soy sauce, is often a healthier alternative seasoning. It contains less sodium and is rich in antioxidants, appealing to health-conscious consumers.

Broadens Product Range

With increasing cultural diversity, having soy sauce in your supermarket or portfolio ensures you are catering to a broad demographic, including Asian populations and those who enjoy exploring foreign cuisines.

High-Margin Product

Specialty seasonings and sauces often carry high price elasticity, therefore generating higher margins and revenue for your business.

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Rigorous Fermentation Process behind PRB's Soy Sauce

Our soy sauce is brewed following a centuries-old natural fermentation process. Uniquely steeped in the authentic Cantonese flavor tradition, PRB’s Soy Sauce offers a superior depth of flavor.

Every Soybean Counts



Fermentation and Aging of Moromi

Pressing and Refining


PRB: Best Concentrated Soy Sauce Brand
Loved By 20000+ Customers In 159 Countries

We’ve proudly displayed our distinctive Soy Sauce at global exhibitions. These events show just how much people around the world love our product. From Asian households to Western high-end eateries, and from world-class food festivals to expert kitchens, PRB’s Dark Soy Sauce is renowned and cherished

More Than Just Soy Sauce:
Flexibility and Personalization in our OEM Services

Pearl River Bridge’s OEM services are not limited to soy sauce manufacturing. Our commitment to a flexible and comprehensive strategy makes us uniquely suited to be your ideal partner to enable your business to thrive in a diverse and challenging market.

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Adaptable MOQ

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