Soy Sauce Comparison

Chinese Style Soy Sauce VS Japanese Style Soy Sauce

dark soy sauce
Chinese Style Soy Sauce
japanses soy sauce 150ml
Japanese Style Soy Sauce

Natural brewing 3 to 6 months

Constant temperature4 to 5 months


Black brown color

Light reddish brown color

Smell & Taste

Strong natural flavour of preserved beans

Rich flavour of wine

PRB Light Soy Sauce VS Dark Soy Sauce

PRB Light Soy Sauce
PRB Dark Soy Sauce

Strong and pure natural flavor of preserved beans when shook slightly

Strong sauce flavor and preserved beans flavor


Soft fresh taste which can last for long time

Strong, sweet and fresh taste


Bright light red-brown; golden when in wall build-up, clear and shiny on the surface

Dark red-brown with shiny surface


Clear; the light yellow foam can last long time after shaking

Thick; it can stick to the glass wall for a long time

Using Scope

For cold dished, dip for fish meat and vegetables; pure flavor and delicious taste

For food soaking, steaming and stir-frying. Strong taste and bright color

dark soy sauce
Product Name
seasoning wine
Product Name
red vinegar
Product Name
red vinegar
Product Name

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