The PRB Brand & Logo

Over the years, the PRB logo has evolved to stay relevant with the times while carrying the central values our brand was founded on.

Our Slogan

“Authentic Taste, Authentic Sauce”

The slogan “Authentic Taste, Authentic Sauce” is a strong reminder of our dedication to delivering the flavors of Chinese cooking culture in every sauce bottle. This statement suggests that when you use our sauces, dishes get the traditional taste of Chinese food.

Who We Are

Named after the Haizhu Bridge and the famous Pearl River in Guangzhou, Pearl River Bridge pays homage to its original factory location and as a representative of the province’s local characteristics.

Our Corporate Logo Development

The PRB logo is patterned on a bridge, visualizing we are the bridge that connects the Chinese culinary culture to the western world. It’s a strong reminder of what we do as a brand.

PRB logo


While we started the company’s logo with the reflection of the Pearl River, it was difficult to show in print. So we decide to add the Haizhu Bridge via two arched truss beams to help denote the Pearl River.


As the Haizhu Bridge was renamed to the Renmin Bridge, we made changes on the bridge design on our logo to represent new development and new hope.

PRB logo
PRB logo


PRB logo


PRB logo

2002 till now