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Wow! PRB @ The 51st HKBPE

2017/11/14 14:51:35

Hong Kong is well-known for a shopping paradise, and the Winter Sale in December should not be missed. The 51st Hong Kong Brands & Products Expo (HKBPE) at Vitoria Park must be one of the most famous outdoor shopping market at these time.


 HKBPE has been held in Hong Kong since 1938 and now it has 78 years’ history. Not only the super discounts and redemptions always take the spotlight, but also large numbers of activities during the exhibition. Such as “Booth Design Competition”, “The 2016 Miss Exhibition Pageant”, “HKBPE Children Ambassadors Competition 2016”, the photo contest and so on, with activities tailored to different community groups.


Take you a stroll around the Expo, to see what is “people” from all the people.


In this year, PRB is in the Grocery & Noodles Zone and the booth’s number is 3C31-34.


 Using red and white as the theme colours, the booth of PRB features Hong Kong and worldwide bulidings for highlighting an international brand image. Cartoon image also can be seen in the design, it makes the booth more interesting.


The chef beauty of PRB will come and show up in the daytime, show the discount information and give gifts to the visitors. On the first day of the exhibition, it already attracted large number of fans, like a super star of HKBPE.


Demo tasting must be the most important part of the exhibition. PRB has prepare a range of food for the demo show, like Oyster Sauce Lo Mein, Fish Balls with Sriracha, mushroom with Oyster Sauce and ect. The delicious food attracted a lot of visitors, even foreigners.


For more information, please come and visit HKBPE. Remember the booth’s number of PRB is 3C31-34. The exhibition will take place from 10 December 2016 – 2 January 2017 (total 24 days), welcome to visit PRB at HKBPE!

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